Wednesday, August 13, 2014

our little miss piggy.

So relaxed eh?!. I wish I can sit and chillax too! 

Thursday, September 13, 2012

What is a film?

KuyaM is off to his overnight school camp today. Most gruelling part of his prep is explaining how a disposable camera works.

You are not allowed to bring a digital cam, so you will bring a disposable camera.
“What is a disposable camera?”
It’s a camera with a film.
“What is a film?”
A film is what we use on cameras in the olden days.
“You mean my photos will be black and white?”
Well, we can buy a black and white film but I’ll get you the colored one.
“Mommy, there is no screen at the back. How do I view the pictures?”
You won’t be able to view the pics, up until it’s developed.
“What is developed?”
It means, they process the film.
“You mean print it?”
Somekindofa like that, but different process.
“Can I see the picture on the computer?”
No. Unless I scan it.
“What?Take picture, dev-what’s the word? Print it,then scan it to view it on the Computer? “
Well, you don’t have to put it on the computer cause when it is developed, it is already on paper and you can already see your photo.
Okay, remember. Scroll until you hear the click, press the flash button, then snap. You have 27 shots. After that, it is finished. Okay want to try it?
“No, I don’t want to waste it. It’s only 27 shots!!! Why does it only have 27 anyway?”
I don’t know. Just bring it and use it, okay?
“Okay, can I take a photo of an animal using this?”

Note to self : Request the school to allow the iGen kids to bring their digital cameras to camp.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Little boy no more.

Sad, sad day today. Sabi ko ke Kuya M, papaliguan ko na sya. Ang sagot nya, "No Mom, I am a big boy now." Ahuhuhu...

Parang the other month lang, niloko ko pa sya na ang laki laki na nya (8yo) pinapaliguan pa sya ni Mommy e malapit na sya magka-GF. Muntik pa nga ako himatayin kasi sabi nya, next time si GF na magpapaligo sa kanya. But I know he meant it the innocent way. As papaliguan lang talaga sya.

Pero ngayon ayaw na nya paligo ke Mommy... my kuya is no longer a little boy. =(

I will miss you my little boy. But then I am looking forward to our new adventures with you as a big boy. I love you... bigger! =)

Thursday, March 08, 2012

My secret selfish wishes...

Once my little boys are all grown up... still think that my cooking is the best, even if they get married to a chef! spend the xmas eve with us. (even though i know that the wife normally has the say in where holidays should be spent. =p) always have the time to date mommy and have a drink with daddy. still wish and hope that they live with mommy. ask us what to name their children. ask us to look after their children.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

My Kikay Kit

Got the organizer from IKEA. So useful and so cheap. =)

Chickboy na bunsoy!

RS(4yo) : Sarah is my GF now.
Simplymuah : What happened to Chloe? (GF daw nya last year.)
RS(4yo) : She cried.
Simplymuah : Why did she cry?
RS(4yo) : Cause I don't love her anymore. I love Sarah now.
Simplymuah : Juicekoooolord, 4yo pa lang ito. Maaga ata ako magiging lola!!!